We Hedge Our Portfolio – Not Our Opinions



Gary Brode has spent nearly 30 years in the securities industry. Most recently, he was Managing Partner and Senior Portfolio manager for Silver Arrow Investment Management, a concentrated long-only hedge fund with options-based hedging. Our research was a crucial component of Silver Arrow’s investment results.


The high-generating intensive research process that produced outstanding returns at Silver Arrow will be the foundation of Deep Knowledge Investing.


Mr. Brode started his career in the M&A department of Morgan Stanley. Thereafter, he worked for Doug Hirsch for 4 years, first at Smith New Court, and was asked by Doug to join him in starting Seneca Capital. He spent 3 years doing long/short equity investing at Brahman Capital, and then moved to John Levin & Co. where he had investment discretion and made the firm money in all 15 investments made. Mr. Brode was a founding partner of Akita Capital Management. He started Silver Arrow with Raji Khabbaz in January, 2012.




Complete reports explaining an actionable investment thesis.  One example is Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. which Barron’s published in full:  here.  There will be a consistent focus on identifying and analyzing those aspects of selected investments the market is missing.


Shorter 1-3 page reports updating subscribers on specific aspects of an investment.  We believe regular monitoring and follow-up is crucial to the most successful investment processes.


Timely notes examining political, economic, or market events. For example, on September 27, 2019, when President Trump talked about delisting Chinese stocks, we had spoken with a securities accounting expert, and had Deep Knowledge Investing been operating, could have had a piece out that day explaining the difficulty/impossibility of the President’s proposed course of action.


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